The Calendar Layer consists of a number of ‘One- off’ activities that will take place during the year 


They include:


Dublin Culture Week


The Aim of this week is for each pupil to get to know their city on cultural, historical and social levels. A full timetable will be planned and pupils will be supervised at each of the sites they visit. Maps will be provided and pupils will be required to complete a number of assignments on the sites visited. Pupils must always remain in groups of at least four and full attendance at all of the organised activities is expected.



This annual event is a collaborative effort between the pupils of Muckross Park and Marian Colleges. It gives invaluable experience in a number of skills and has proved to be a very successful and eagerly awaited event. It takes place in November


 It requires a serious commitment of time outside of timetabled hours and only those pupils who have demonstrated their commitment to all aspects of the Transition year Programme will be considered for participation.





The Differential Aptitude Tests (DATs) are designed for use in educational and vocational guidance and are used by school counsellors, personnel officers, psychologists and all persons concerned with assessing the intellectual characteristics and educational or vocational aptitudes of adolescents. This battery of tests has been adapted for use in Irish schools.


The rationale behind the development of the Differential Aptitude Tests is that since different kinds of abilities are useful in different jobs and in different school subjects, a battery giving measures of several abilities is likely to be more useful than a test giving a single general ability score. There are eight sub-tests: Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Ability, Abstract Reasoning, Space Relations, Mechanical Reasoning, Clerical Speed and Accuracy, Spelling, and Language Usage.


Scores can be used to produce a profile showing a pupil's strengths and weaknesses. A combined Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Ability score can be used as an index of scholastic ability.


The tests will take place in January and it is vital that each pupil attends in order to enable them best choose their subjects for Leaving Certificate and to benefit from Career Guidance offered in the school.




A retreat will take place within the school and provides an opportunity for introspection and reflection on the part of the pupils. This is an extremely beneficial day and all pupils are required to attend.





A number of outings will take place during the year to further enhance the Transition Year experience. These can include (but are not limited to): Hikes, Museum and Gallery visits, Cinema trips, Carol singing, Hospital talks, career exhibitions Etc.



Fund Raising

A number of fund raising initiatives will take place during the year. These initiatives allow the development of various skills and an appreciation of the importance of charitable behaviour in our society.





Work Experience Dates 23/24





Nov 6th- 10th 2023




Jan 29th- Feb 2nd 2024




May 20th- 24th 2024




Please Do Not organise Work Experience outside of these dates


 TY french students must be in school May 7-10 to complete DELF french. (Alliance Française).

The written exam will take place on May 8th. Oral exams will also take place during those days



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